1. Inquiry Inc.[2016]

    Artist Run Centre project

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    An Artist Run Centre project with a public presentational, educational discursive programme, based in Osijek and oriented towards presenting the most contemporary and diverse fringe and collaborative artistic practices to the local community via organizing exhibitions, talks, screenings, workshops and residencies.

    The aim of the project was to • proactively and frequently support and introduce contemporary art to the local community • to promote, initiate and execute cultural collaborations • to present the diverse practices of local, regional and international authors and collectives • to promote discussions on the fringe in art • to develop an artist residential practice in Osijek. Our activities were frequent, participatory and open to the public.


    This publication is created with the financial support of ‘Kultura Nova’ Foundation. The opinions contained herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of ‘Kultura Nova’ Foundation.


    Format C : Artist Organization
    A. Reisnera 137, 31000 Osijek | M. Trnine 5, 10000 Zagreb

    virtual landscapes


    An artistic research done via transdisciplinary practices of network research and literary sources, empirical software concept tests, an open call to participation and results presentation.

    The initial phase of the research is dedicated to mapping the area of artistic visualization and articulating the necessary keywording. In the following phase we are left with wrapping up the open call, analyzing and presenting the results of the research.

    We are prolonging and evolving the first phase of the research to collect a larger number of data/examples.

    We are in need of: pure art generated out of pure data – abstract landscapes; new worlds generated as visualizations based on an existing world, catalysed by artistic intent and an intimate non-populistic PoV.


    An exhibition / presentation / collaboration / residency programme hosting independent projects and individuals active in the area of contemporary culture. The open call to participation was initiated, publicly distributed and carried out accordingly to the programme participans’ feedback.

    OC support programme was held as a part of Inquiry Inc.[2016] project ARC. The timeframe was set throughout the year, and the activities supported were: expos | artist talks | performances | lectures | workshops | residencies | …

    We are extremely happy to have hosted and supported exemplary individuals and collectives in a collaborative mode of cultural co-creation.

    Stay tuned for #inqinc OC 2017 - a multimedia art co-production programme, emphasizing interdisciplinarity and collaborations, aiming to develop new arts&culture contemporary media projects. - formatc.hr/OC

    OC collabs archive: formatc.hr/inqinc/OC

    Susanna Flock - STARRING ROLE
    [May 15th 2016]
    Susanna Flock - STARRING ROLE, photos: FC

    As a part of InqInc. Osijek OC programme, on 15th of May we had the honour to premiere STARRING ROLE, a video by artist Susanna Flock.

    An integral part of Susanna Flock’s artistic work is a mode of practice coined by research and a conceptual approach. Art as a medium of communication and the examination of the impact of digitalisation on cultural production, outreach and reception form the thematic basis.
    Find more on the artist and her work at:

    More on the event:

    bashART - International exhibition of miniature in Kursalon
    [Jun 24th - Jul 9th 2016]

    [photos: courtesy of Tatjana Ivegeš-Wilhelm (cc-by-nc-nd) +/or FC]

    bashART - International expo of miniature in Kursalon, photos by Tatjana Ivegeš-Wilhelm (cc-by-nc-nd) +/or FC

    “International exhibition of miniature in Kursalon” is a one-day international exhibition of miniatures in the decayed neo-renaissance building Kursalon in Lipik. After the one-day exhibition, the artwork was transferred to the Pakrac Town Museum for the following month, and later on, the exhibition was represented at Inquiry Inc, as a part of OC program.

    At the opening of the Osijek-based expo, bashART curators and project initiators Nikolina Zanetti and Ivona Pavković held a public curator talk on the methods of organization and models of collaboration in the broad area of visual art and its’ complementary - curation.
    The exhibition has shown 130 miniature artworks by 62 artists from Croatia, Hungary and Austria.


    More info on the expo, organizers and partners of the event:
    Photos: Tatjana Ivegeš-Wilhelm &/or FC (cc by-nc-nd)

    Andrea Resner - ***instar***
    [Jul 18th - 22nd 2016]

    [images: courtesy of artist Andrea Resner + FC]

    Andrea Resner - ***instar***, photos: FC

    We are honoured to have had the opportunity to introduce to Osijek the work of Andrea Resner, an MFA graphics artist and educator, active in the areas of street-art, illustration, graphics, installation, costumography, photography, video art, …
    Andrea has exhibited in a large number of solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and internationally, and this was the first time she has exhibited in the city of Osijek.


    The exhibition is imagined as an ambient spatial installation, utilizing diverse media (drawing, imagery, video projections and sound) to transform the gallery space.

    The fantastic elements outlined by motifs of flora and fauna give a glimpse into the woken world of the sleeping figure, corresponding with the external.

    This interspace holds yet another cycle of maturing by endless forests and vasts wanderings, in the search of a new home and freedom.

    More on the exhibition and the author:

    Željko Beljan - Cartoon Core
    [Oct 22nd - 28th 2016]

    [image: courtesy of artist Ž. Beljan / photos: Krešo Urek +/or FC]

    Željko Beljan - Cartoon Core, photos: Krešo Urek +/or FC

    October brought us the pleasure of introducing the practice of Željko Beljan via an expo at our InqInc. space. Željko Beljan is a diversified visual author and musician, and an illustrator to numerous posters for Croatian clubs such as Močvara, KSET, Spunk, Vintage Industrial Bar, AKC Attack, media Vizkultura and Zarez, and countless art initiatives and bands that he’s a member of.
    The artwork presented by the expo is a part of a “simultaneously shocking and fun” provoking, grotesque horror-porn-cartoon art concept, and the pieces serve their purpose as posters for the intergalactically unique cartoon core band Crawander.


    More on the author and the expo:

    hacklab01 - CryptoParty
    [Nov 12th 2016.]
    hacklab01 - CryptoParty, photos: FC

    CryptoParty is a decentralized, global initiative distributing knowledge on basic cryptography tools such as public key encryption (PGP/GPG), OTR (Off The Record messaging), anonymous networks I2P and Tor, and Tales operating system.

    The idea was conceived in the wake of the Australian Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 and the reasoning is that laws like this are without substance when everybody encrypts their communication.
    The presentation, followed by a workshop, has been held in a public and an open format.
    “Bring your PCs, empty min.4GB USBs, knowledge and paranoia. We will most certainly show you your data is not exclusively yours, but we will show you how to keep at least its’ part.”



    More on the event:


    We are proud to have had the chance to support the work of PHONOGRAM, an association for promoting independent audio culture in Osijek, with an aim to enrich the local concert and musical scene.

    During 2016 we have gladly hosted some of the most interesting local, regional and international musicians in a post-concert residential artist couchsurfing programme. -
    ManMachine (HR) / Kleemar (SLO) / BADEN-BADEN (HR) / BESTIAL MOUTHS (SAD) / The Noise Figures (GR) / Hollywoodfun Downstairs (NZ)

    More on Phonogram’s exceptional programme:


    [Dec 13th - 17th 2016]
    FCw+ open expo, photos: FC, Tatjana Ivegeš-Wilhelm (cc-by-nc-nd) +/or & Rene Grgić Đaković

    The last InqInc. Osijek-based expo has shown the work of some of the recent Format C art org members, friends and collaborators, with an open call to future members and associates from the broad area of Osijek and Slavonia.

    The exhibition featured high-quality digital art prints, by authors whose artwork maintains a strong accent of collectivism via processes of collaborative creation or the métier of remix.
    Postavom smo imali za cilj potaknuti lokalnu umjetničku zajednicu na pomnije kritičko promatranje takvoga stvaralačkog ethosa, te stvoriti priliku za buduće (su)djelovanje u likovnom i multimedijskom stvaralaštvu mreže Formata C.

    The conceptual setup of the whole exhibition aimed to spark the local artist communities’ critical insight into this kind of creative ethos, and to create a window of opportunity for future participation in the visual and multimedia work done by Format C.
    he local artist community was welcome to participate in the variable expo by bringing in their work at any time at the duration of the event.

    During the exhibition, we have prepared two open and free art-based workshops, centered on the topic of digitization (Dec 14th) and remix (Dec 15th).



    Artists that participated in the exhibition:


    A discursive - educational, exhibition and residential programme concept; a series of events on the subject of diverse ideologies and individual practices of authors creating free, approachable art.

    The project is oriented towards presenting authors engaged in self-produced, commons-oriented digital art practices, with an emphasis on the subjects of self-sustainability versus interdependence, enabled via collaborative tactics and knowledge exchange.

    As a part of InqInc.[2016] Osijek programme we have implemented

    Collaborating with SwS & The Wrong we have done free_art_-_collab (2015.), a publicly open residential discursive programme.
    free_art_-_glitch a residential and multimedia expo programme with local residents and international participants has been conceived and carried out in partnership with KA-MATRIX association.

    [Apr 24th - 26th 2016]
    free art - source 2016, photos: FC

    *free_art_-_source* is a code-themed meta-exhibition, showing the source of contemporary art and recent aesthetics built on the syntaxes of computer culture. The exhibition at Inquiry Inc. art space has shown Croatian and international authors utilizing programming languages to universally communicate their creation and artistic intention.
    These artworks, treated as graphics and shown as the source/instruction for the creation of art help us understand the possibilities of expressions in the time and context of interdisciplinarity providing us with new and diverse possibilities of technological, philosophical and artistic approaches.

    Presented new media, transmedia and hypermedia authors:


    We are happy to announce its second iteration is being realised in collaboration with Galerija Galženica (Velika Gorica, CRO) in 2017.

    [Dec 10th 2016]

    [photos: FC]

    free art - additivism, photos: FC

    An educative art programme focused on the potentials of virtual, 3D modelling in the broad area of freely distributed contemporary art.
    It is inspired by the possibilities of DIY&DIWO but simultaneously heavily based on the critical theory of the #Additivism movement, sparked by initiators Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke.
    The programme has been done in collaboration with #labOS hacklab (a section of the Informatics Club Osijek).

    The presentation/lecture intro to the programme was held at the Academy of Arts Osijek.
    PThe workshop & screenings part of the event was held at Inquiry Inc., where we have shown diverse artist practical and theoretical work of Croatian and international artists basing their praxis on the digital domain, or digitizing and archiving the physical world.
    The discourse of the event was based around questions on the motifs, methods and techniques of this type of production.

    The event was open and free to the general public, but specifically aimed at students, writers, developers and any individual involved with or interested in speculative future / activism / DIY+DIWO practices / 3D modelling / digital ecology / copyleft / free knowledge and open culture / …



    DIWO (Do It With Others) educational (web&literature) reader, symposium tracking and (physical&on-line) noting programme focused on the appropriation and implementation of interdisciplinary strategies of acquiring and sharing knowledge, translated from diverse socio-economical areas and mapped onto the cultural sector.

    During the year we have accentuated the open call to co-creation of the programmatic work group.
    Towards the end of the terms we have created an online open doc to enable participation via submissions both on a local and a transnational level.
    (Editing link: https://goo.gl/7o2SG1)

    The aim of our public action was to collect and study the best examples of acquiring, sharing/transferring and utilizing diverse forms of knowledge. We wish to share examples of what we deem as good practice, in the area of art, culture and independent practices.

    The research is to be continued, with no final predefined deadline.


    aaav @ inqinc, inqinc, photos by FC & Sorky

    a/a/a/v is a media culture audio-visual art showcase realized at InqInc.

    It has been done as series of screenings, DJ sets and audio performances leading from a classical film culture media to contemporary a/v artist media.
    The multimedia programme has been conceived and realized via open repos content, collabs with associations, initiatives and individuals, and an open call to participation.


    Apart from the most pleasing and frequent #inqinc collabs with PHONOGRAM, the pinnacle of a/a/a/v was the live(streamed) performance by VYBES, an Osijek based artist - both a musician and a photographer.


    edu program | digital art
    edu programme - digital art, photos by Tatjana Ivegeš-Wilhelm (cc-by-nc-nd) and or FC

    A research & education program based on computer culture &/in art.
    Our aim was to practically research and map new media and codified knowledge on the crossings of art, technology and ideology, all to diversify local contemporary artistic practices.

    The programme has been realised in collab with collectives and individuals, via tracking MOOC seminars, and by organizing open and free workshops.

    Via various event formats we have tackled the topics of • appropriation versus sharing • remix and detournement • databending as poetry • digitization as a tactical asset and computer-based formats as agents of change • coding and internet art • …


    edu program | classical art
    edu programme - classical art

    An educational guided workshops programme, based on classical mediums and techniques in art.
    The programme is realised as more series of free and open workshops, and in collaboration with individuals - artists / professional associates.

    The range of events ascended from basic drawing and painting techniques, hands-on modelling and graphics workshops to demos of conceptual enlacements of diverse utilitarian and abstract graphical writing.
    We have secured the materials for every workshop, and the programme was completely open to both beginners and artists with own established practices.

    More on specific types of events:


    We have had a great honour of hosting two extra events at our #inqinc space, and a great pleasure to have the managers of Banja Luka’s art club Prostor in visiting us. Thank you all! [<3]


    Digital lighthouses
    [Oct 14th -16th 2016]

    [content: courtesy of radiona.org]

    Radiona.org, Drugo More & #labOS - Digital lighthouses, photos by FC

    … The project of »Digital lighthouses« is conceived to sublime education, public spaces work, freedom of network access and performative concepts of technology, and it consists of sequential modular workshops, lighting installations and performances in public spaces.


    Internet - a place of exploatation and experiment
    [Oct 29th 2016]

    [image: FC+net.cube / photos: FC &/or Tatjana Ivegeš-Wilhelm (cc by-nc-nd)]

    net.cube: Internet - a place of exploatation and experiment, photos by FC and or Tatjana Ivegeš-Wilhelm (cc by-nc-nd)

    Net.cube project, a support platform for internet artists’ projects, and the artist work produced in 2015 and 2016 is presented via this year’s topic centered on the economy of the virtual world.



    The aim of Inquiry Inc. was to articulate an inclusive independent space of contemporary art, and to consequentially raise cultural awareness and dynamics of the city of Osijek.
    As a meeting place for authors, culture experts and the general public - the purpose of InqInc. was to further develop an intergenerational and a transdisciplinary dialogue while supporting proactive creation by inspiring, innovating, communicating and distributing art.
    Alongside our primary art exhibition and artistic research activity, our frequent program was mediated via free workshops, discursive events, multimedia performances and contemporary art screenings.

    Via activities listed we aimed to support the creators of contemporary art & culture, and to (re)present the creation to the local and the international community via an open community-oriented program. We deem our efforts successful, although the conditions had been precarious and near to impossible.
    During the period of 2016 we have (co)created exactly 60 art, education and/or discursive events, done in direct and successful collaborations with 31 extraordinary individuals and collectives. A total of 600 visitors have received and enjoyed the program.

    Although we have had the luck of being included in the one-year operational funding plan of the Kultura Nova Foundation, we are forced to optimize and alter the logic of our efforts in 2017, as our programmatic endeavours have superceeded the capacities enclosed by our stay in the city of Osijek.
    We are definitive Osijek would greatly benefit by these types of community spaces, and we wish to support any initiative towards realising one in the near future, based on collaboration and partnership.

    Our sincere opinion is that the City of Osijek, being the home of any and all local cultural endeavours, and a home to the local organizers and artists - should aim towards developing a more refined sensibility, administrative and discursive capacities of supporting contemporary intangible and non-commodifiable / non-profit culture.

    In 2017 we are continuing the #inqinc project, in a modified manner:
    Inquiry Inc.[2017]: An in(ter)dependent nomadic art programme based on free knowledge discourse, new media artistic research and cultural collaborative (co)production.

    about Format C

    “Format C” is a non-profit artist organization based in Croatia (EU), active in the field of visual and multimedia art.

    We formed with a mission to affirm and assure the presence of all types of fringe and visionary contemporary Art practices, first and foremost on our local scene, and to help strengthen professional and social bonds of younger generation artists on the regional, and ultimately - the global scene.
    The focus of our practice is in transmedia artistic research and collaborative production.
    Some of the topics of our interest and engagement are: • databending, multimedia and hypermedia art • digital ecology and large scale collaborations • initiating, tech development and mediation of small-scale cultural events • education and open knowledge distribution.

    formatc.hr/about / hello@formatc.hr

    [ Program projekta ‘Inquiry Inc. [2016]’ proveden je uz financijsku podršku Zaklade “Kultura nova”
    / ‘Inquiry Inc. [2016]’ project programme was supported by “Kultura nova” Foundation ]